Towed Skimboarding Behind an Electric Bike

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AK E-Bike

It’s no secret that skimboarding is slowly but surely moving into the mainstream. With the sport’s popularity growing every year, professional riders like Austin Keen are just scratching the surface of what can be done on a finless board. In one of his latest viral videos, Keen teams up with Epic Power Bikes to deliver his latest viral video.

Check out the full video here:

As you’ve probably read in previous articles, many of AK’s most virally shared videos require a LOT of planning. Whether it’s flights to Turks and Caicos or coordinating multiple boats for a wakesurf transfer, some of Keen’s content can take weeks or even months to plan out.

But some videos just come naturally. Sometimes all it takes is an Exile Skimboard, an Epic Power Bike, and a touch of creativity to make a video that captivates viewers all around the world. The goal was to have the electric bike tow Austin so he could skimboard for miles without stopping.

AK EBike Fail

After a rocky start that included some hilarious faceplants, AK and friends spent hours flying up and down the beach, carving between amazed beach-goers and popping a few 360 Shuv-its for good measure. Needless to say, AK picked it up pretty quickly.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t Austin Keen’s first time getting towed along the beach on his skimboard. Long-time fans will remember back in 2017 when he was towed by a friend’s motorcycle in Australia. No wonder he made it look so easy. 

This video serves as proof that no amount of planning or complexity that goes into a video can replace authentic, light-hearted fun with friends. Stay up to date on all the latest content by following Austin on Instagram and subscribing to his Youtube page (which is nearing 100k subscribers!).

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