AK Tears Up “The Best Skimboarding Wave in the World” at KSWC

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If you’ve been following Austin Keen’s skimboarding journey, then you’ll probably remember his jaw-dropping visit to Kelly Slater Wave Co back in 2018 (if not, check out this story written by the man himself). He was invited to the legendary wave pool to attempt to be the first person to skimboard out to the ranch’s signature barrel. Fast forward to September, AK returned to the KSWC ready to push the envelope yet again, this time with even more camera angles.

Check out the full new video edit of AK’s return to KSWC!

Although KSWC is usually strictly for surfing, the world-champion rider deemed it “the best skimboarding wave in the world.” The main problem is that staff doesn’t usually allow skimboarders to try their hand in the pool. Luckily for AK, Raimana Van Bastolaer, renowned surfing icon and safety expert, helped convince staff to let AK work his magic.

Although he makes it look seamless, there’s a reason Keen is one of few skimboarders who can pull this feat off. His signature “monkey crawl drop” technique allows him to propel himself further in standing water than your standard one-step drop. Check out his tutorial and practice to ride like AK (Pro tip, monkey crawling will also help get you to the waves you’ve been trying to reach at the beach).

Keen and his crew treated KSWC like a surfing playground, delivering tons of killer footage. Frontside, backside, skimboard, surfboard, drone angle, jet-ski angle, Keen was sure to score a gaping variety of content for his fans around the globe. Check out all the different angles on AK’s Instagram page.

As if that wasn’t enough, the two-time GoPro Million-Dollar Challenge winner (first and second time) got to take a sneak peak at the brand new GoPro Hero 10. What better way to test stability and resolution than in the barrel of one of the most beautifully crafted waves in the world? Maybe do it at sunset just for good measure? These are shots you won’t want to miss. Learn more about the new GoPro, check out AK’s First Ever Shots on the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

Austin Keen is making a statement about how wave pools will play into the evolution of his sport. “I love these videos because it really shows just how amazing this place is for skimboarding.” As AK’s feats continue to “make waves” in the skimboarding and surfing community, be sure to stay in the loop with his Instagram and Youtube channels.

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