Skimboarding on Snow Down Big Bear Mountain

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We made it folks, summer is finally here again. As the weather heats up, so does the surf and skimboard content on your social media feed. All your favorite action-sports stars are finally getting back in the water to deliver the shredding content you love to see. But when the swells start coming in and the Internet is loaded with great skimboarding clips, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Austin Keen Skimboarding on Snow

But just two short months ago, Austin Keen extended the boundaries of the sport of skimboarding (again), and dropped a video sure to keep his viewers cool during the hot summer months. This is a video you don't want to miss.

Watch Austin Keen’s Skimboarding on Snow Down Big Bear Mountain video HERE:

In this video, AK takes his trusty Exile Skimboard up to Big Bear Mountain Resort to see how well he can skimboard on snow. Keen was accompanied by photographer Craig Coker, who spent the day snagging awesome clips, showing off his backflips, and helping guide AK down the mountain. Austin and Craig got celebrity-level treatment from the staff at Big Bear, who allowed the two adventurers to skip the ski lift and get a private snowmobile ride up the mountain.

Surprise, surprise. Austin picked up this new sport of snow-skimming pretty quickly. In just his first few attempts, he landed some 180, 360, and some 540 Shuv-Its and was looking pretty smooth in short bursts. AK even pushed the envelope by taking his board to the terrain park, where he touched up his flatland skills on the park’s boxes and rails. Never satisfied with “good enough,” the real fun began when AK and Craig waved goodbye to the Big Bear Mountain crew, and set off to complete an entire ski run on a skimboard. 

Austin makes turning on his skimboard look pretty simple when he’s wrapping in a wave, but turning on snow is a whole different story. No bindings and no edges, equals no turning ability. It was up to Craig to flank Austin on either side and steer him in the right direction. The whole ride down is filled with a bit of nervous screaming and a whole lot of laughs.

AK got out of his normal element in this video, and it paid off bigtime. Keen once again showed off his ingenuity by advancing skimboarding into the mainstream with viral videos like this one! Stay onboard for Austin’s next adventure by subscribing to his Youtube channel and following his Instagram.

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