Austin Keen's Best Videos of 2020

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What is there to be said about 2020? A year that was so unexpected, filled with so many twists and turns it was hard to keep up. But Austin Keen made the most of a year that pushed so many people down. The AK team pumped out some of the best videos of 2020, and delivered a compilation with some of the the year's most virally shared clips. Let’s look back at what Keen was up to this past year (Full video 2020 compilation HERE).

Austin Keen Best Videos of 2020

We’ll start in February, when Keen went on the trip of a lifetime to Turks and Caicos. This is the same beautiful location where Keen's won not one... but TWO GoPro Million Dollar Challenges. Check out those award-winning videos below.

This time, Keen spent the trip doing Austin Keen things: Skimboarding, wakesurfing, foil surfing, kiteboarding, and even cliff jumping. Needless to say, AK secured some pretty incredible footage in the process (Full video HERE)

And we’re only getting started.

Now we’re going to fast forward to June, when something huge happened that changed the game for the rest of the year. Keen got his very own Mastercraft XT22 Wakesurfing Boat (Full video HERE) This was a huge step for AK and his team, giving them a whole new dimension of freedom when it comes to wakesurfing.


Austin Keen Steve-O Celebrity Surf Series

With his new boat, AK went big on his second season of his hit Youtube playlist, Celebrity Surf Series (Full playlist HERE), where he brings celebrities out on his boat for a day of wakesurf lessons and gut-busting interviews. For his second season he secured heavy-hitting names like Steve-O, TJ Dillashaw, Demi Bagby, and Diplo. 5-time X-games champion skateboarder Leticia Bufoni even let AK come skate her private park after the wakesurf session.


Keen took his boat all across the west coast, showing his wakesurf skills wherever the he went. Whether it’s a small private lake in California or a massive lake in Idaho, AK’s skill and creativity were unmatched in 2020 and he delivered the viral videos to prove it.


Austin Keen Wakesurf Tunnel Stunt

But his biggest stunt he saved for the later end of 2020. AK broke the internet in early December when he wakesurfed from one lake to another through a narrow tunnel at over 45 miles per hour (See full video breakdown HERE). With two boats and a ton of communication, Keen pulled off one of his gnarliest stunts to date, securing him national spotlight on both TV and social media.


Keen undoubtedly made some of the best videos of 2020. But he's not just sitting back and admiring his work. AK is always looking for his next challenge. "These highlight videos make us proud for what we’ve been able to do in the previous years, and most of all get us hyped to absolutely crush it the next year. Hopefully it’s got you as amped for 2021 as it does us!" Keen said about the release his Best Videos of 2020.


2020 may not have been what anyone was expecting, but Austin Keen surely made the best of it. Be sure to subscribe to AK’s Youtube and follow his Instagram to see what he has in store to make 2021 even BIGGER. Comment below what your favorite AK moment of 2020 was, and what you want to see in 2021!

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