Austin Keen's Holiday Care Package:
Epic Sider Session w/ Blair Conklin

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As we look back at the 2020 holiday season, there is so much to be thankful for: Spending time with friends and family after such a hectic year, and gearing up for a huge 2021. Hopefully some of you were lucky enough to get some Blenders Eyewear glasses, an Exile Skimboard, CBDMD CBD products, or even AK merch under the tree this year.

But if you didn’t, Austin Keen has got a present for skimboard fans all around the world. The day after Christmas, AK put on his best Santa impression and dropped not one… but THREE new videos to close out 2020. One of which featured exclusive footage of him and fellow skimboarding World Champ, Blair Conklin tearing up some siders in sunny Laguna Beach. Kick back and enjoy the video HERE.

Austin Keen Holiday Care Package

You’ll notice in the video that they’re not skimming your average waves. The incoming waves wash against the rock off to the side, and the backwash creates a perfect “sider” that connects riders to massive waves further offshore: The old two-for-one special. It’s beautiful to watch as mother nature lends these pros a hand to bring them further out in the water. For more sider content, check out some of Keen’s past sider sessions. You won’t be disappointed.

There’s no debate that Keen and Conklin sit atop the list of the best skimboarders the world has to offer, and GoPro footage of these two carving up waves together makes for an amazing compilation.

As Keen’s fan base has spread worldwide, some fans may not have been fortunate enough to get a new skimboard or AK gear under the tree this year. But at the very least, AK gave his fans a much-needed Christmas present in the form of top-quality content. Be sure to check out the other two videos from Keen’s holiday care package too!

For those looking to stock up where Santa missed out, be sure to use Austin Keen’s discount codes for all your favorite products.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Years from the AK team. On to 2021!

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