Professional Skimboarder Austin Keen Wins GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

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I decided to book a spontaneous wakesurf trip to Turks and Caicos to visit some friends I met through Instagram who run a successful watersports charter WakeToWakeTC  @WaketoWakeTC. However, this was not a vacation, this was a mission to obtain the clip that would go on to win the GoPro Hero7 Black Million Dollar Challenge , and I had 2 days in Turks and Caicos under my own money to win the Go Pro Million Dollar Challenge. The deadline to submit our clips to the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge was December 8th. Within one hour of being on the boat my first morning on December 5th, the wild and friendly @jojothedolphin showed interest in playing. Right away we moved the boat faster to create a Wakesurfing wave for the dolphin to Wakesurf but JoJo the dolphin didn’t bite. So we decided to throw the sub-wings in the water. The sub wing is a swiveling two piece wing that is dragged behind the boat at slow speeds and simulates a flying underwater sensation while being in full control of your depth and movements. After about 30 minutes of slowly cruising with JoJo the dolphin, I decided to hop on the sub wing that had the GoPro Hero7 Black attached, and take my attempts at luring the dolphin over to play. After a few minutes JoJo the dolphin warmed up to us and began swimming, playing and smiling almost as if he knew “Yea, here’s your GoPro million dollar Challenge clip ;) “  . Over 26,000+ Clips were submitted to the GoPro Hero7 Black Million Dollar Challenge, and only 56 were chosen as winners to be in the new Hero7 Black Promo video . Not only did our clip get chosen, but it made the COVER of the video and all the press releases!

Day one of the trip included Foil Surfing over the beautiful coral reefs

Day two was my famous and viral video concept – Hijacking a Boat Wake as well as wakesurfing tricks  -

 The 3rd and Final day, just hours before my flight home, we captured the famous “wakesurfing with dolphins” clip

This was all filmed in 2.5 days in Turks and Caicos with This was probably one of the best trips of my life. We captured the JoJo the dolphin subwing clip within our first hour on the boat! Absolutely stoked and honored to not only make the cut in the new GoPro Hero7 Black Promo Video, but to also make the cover! If you didn't see my instagram story , I'll say it again - THANK YOU ALL. Hopefully this will help my chances for a GoPro Sponsorship! HAHA!


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