Austin Keen Just Made Getting Barrelled a Lot Easier

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Austin Keen is kicking off 2021 in style. With the Laguna Beach shorebreak getting heavier, the World Champion skimboarder  took both his skimboard AND his surfboard out for some sweet step-off runs with some of the top photographers in Southern California. 

Austin Keen Step Off Barrell

And the photos speak for themselves. Check out the incredible photo and video captures from AK’s step-off skimboard session on AK’s Instagram.

Getting barrelled: Arguably the most fulfilling, elusive phenomenon for surfers and skimboarders alike. Millions of pros and amateurs get out of bed every single day to chase that rush you get when the wave rolls right over top of your head. The tough part is, so many things need to go right in order caught in a barrel: the right wave, timing, speed, balance and more.

Lucky for you, getting barrelled just became a LOT more convenient. Austin Keen and friends are once again revolutionizing the action-sports world with their creativity. In his latest video, AK uses a tarp to create a barrel for people of all ages to feel what its like to be in the barrel. AK’s Tarp Surfing video shows you how anyone can feel like a pro surfer!

Austin Keen Tarp Surfing

Tarp? Check.

Weights? Check.

Swelltech Austin Keen Longboard? Check.

That’s everything you need to get pitted today.

Bring your kids, bring your grandparents, and bring your dogs as Tarp Surfing is the new way for everyone to get barrelled just like Austin Keen. Be sure to follow AK on Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube for more fun content like this! Until then try out tarp surfing with your friends and be sure tag @AustinKeen on Instagram.

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