Austin Keen' CSS Spotlight:
Skating with Leticia Bufoni

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We’re back with another episode of AK’s CSS Spotlight, where we break down your favorite episodes of Austin Keen’s Celebrity Surf Series. This week we’re breaking down one of the best episodes of all last year. AK brought Leticia Bufoni, one of the baddest skateboarders on the planet, out on his boat to see how well her talents translated to the water. As always, be sure to check out the full video here. Two superstars, two sports, let’s dive in.

AK Leticia Bufoni Skateboarding

What is there to be said about the great Leticia Bufoni? Five-time X Games gold medalist, first female skater to sign to Nike SB, and one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in International Sports in 2018. Prepare to add professional wakesurfer to the list, as the skater was relentlessly busting 360s behind AK’s Mastercraft boat.

But what made this episode special is what went down AFTER the wakesurf session. The usual formula for the Celebrity Surf Series is AK bringing someone into HIS element out on the boat. But when Leticia turned the tables by inviting Austin to come skate her backyard skate park, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In the blink of an eye AK and Leticia traded the water for some pavement, and their LiquidForce wakesurf boards for some skateboards. Leticia set the bar high by pulling out just about every flip trick you can imagine. AK was no slouch either, landing boardslides and 360s at will.

This was definitely a day to remember. Two masters of their craft branching out into the other’s domain, pushing action-sports as a whole into the mainstream media. You just love to see it.

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