2016 Was Epic!!

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2016 WAS EPIC! (all things considered). Shoutout to everyone who helped make my 2016 year awesome and captured it along the way. It started with one of the most financially difficult times of the year, to ending with one of the best places I’ve been in my Skimboarding career so far. I feel extremely grateful for all the amazing places, things, and people I was able to experience this year, and grateful to do what I do after many years of hard work and not giving up.
2016 was most unique for me because I experienced human life lacking the bare essentials in Haiti with Project509 , to riding in my first Lamborghini and surfing behind Yachts and sipping wine in Canada. I was inspired by the gratitude and contentment and love of the poor, the generosity of the rich, and the mental and physical perseverance of disabled veterans. Interacting with our human family from one side of the spectrum to the other in a matter of 1 year has made 2016 most unique for me, and has given me a perspective that I hope sticks with me forever. Wether you're Dan Bilzerian, or a child in Haiti waiting for the rain to fill your water supply, Wether you're a christian or a muslim, black or white, we are all a part of the same human family on this living, breathing, planet and I believe in 2017 that will become more apparent to the world than ever.

Thank you to all the contributors:
Most of this is compiled from my instagram so I apologize if I left you out, just let me know.
Devin Super Tramp
Max Fuerst
Skylar Wilson
Bryan Magaldi
Judah Meiler 
Adam Hayward
Kenny Maddux
Drake Linn
Shawn Kenny
Surf Kelowna
Huge shoutout to my awesome sponsors and partners:
Liquid Force
Exile Skimboards
East Coast Skimboards
Clarion USA
Reed A. Morales
Marco Thompson

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